The yoga room is silent before, during and after class.  During the class, the instructor is the only one speaking. This is for a number of reasons:

  1. The instruction is verbal and very technical with no demonstrations. It is very important that you are actively listening to the instructor throughout class and allow others the same courtesy.
  2. Eventually you will find the practice meditative, and you will be able to give your mind a break and allow for the instructors words to guide your body through the class. Be mindful of your journey to this experience and allow others to focus on letting the instruction guide their practice.
  3. You are breathing through your nose in the 26 postures so your mouth should be closed anyways!

Mutual respect

We know there are many wonderful yoga practices out there, and you may have been to a number of different classes. Each yoga practice offers you something different, which is the great thing about yoga. Two Sisters Yoga offers respect to all practices, and we ask that you offer us the same in return.

Please follow the instruction in the room—although you may have practiced other hot yoga, other yoga or other postures/asanas with the same name, things might be different in the Bikram Yoga room. Remember, different is good.

Trust us

Come to our class with an open mind and an open heart, follow the instruction as it is provided in this room and please refrain from modifications unless you are instructed to do so. Be sure to advise your instructor before class if you have any injuries or chronic conditions you are working through.

Your instructor will guide you in how to set up for the posture, how to move in the posture, what you will feel and how and when to come out. If you try your best and practice the right way, you will experience 100% benefit.

Footwear, lotions and cellphones

Please avoid wearing strongly scented lotions, perfumes, colognes and oils. These smells are amplified in the heat. If needed, take a quick rinse before class.

There are no shoes in the studio. Please be aware that you’ll be barefoot in the yoga room—any contagious foot conditions should be treated as soon as possible or covered/dressed while walking through the studio.

Please bring only your mat, towel and water into the room. Do not bring purses, wallets, phones or other distractions. Due to the heat and humidity in the room, these types of items could be damaged and may pose as a distraction.