Some of our classes will be on hold over the summer, starting June 1.  Please see the live schedule to view classes that are on a savasana over the next few months.   

 Bikram Yoga classes (BIK) at Two Sisters Yoga are in a hot and humid room and are 90 minutes in length.

Yin classes (YIN) are 75 minutes in length and are room temperature usually (see below).

Our  Flow classes (FLOW) are one hour in length (with the exception of the Thursday Flow Hour which is 55 minutes.

Meditation is held on Saturday mornings from 9:45AM to 10:45AM.

Ghosh 40 follows the Bikram lineage, it is a 60 minute flow style class that blends the Bikram 26 postures with about 14 additional hatha postures to further open your body. This class requires a 6 month regular Bikram class for preparation.

NOTE: Our Friday 7:15PM Yin class is a candle lit class.