Yogis we will be running a modified schedule in December through the weeks between Christmas and New Years, please view our live schedule for class that will run those weeks.

Our schedule offerings will change December 1st with the following updates:

  • 1:15 weekend Bikram Classes are canceled, in place we have a Flow (Saturday) or our new Ghosh 40 practice (Sunday).
  • 3:15 Monday Bikram temporarily on hold
  • 8:15 Wednesday Bikram will now change to a one hour Flow
  • 5:15 Friday Bikram will be temporarily on hold

All Bikram Yoga classes (BIK) at Two Sisters Yoga are in a hot and humid room and are 90 minutes in length.

Yin classes (YIN) are 75 minutes in length and are room temperature usually (see below).

Our  Flow classes (indicated by Flow on the schedule) are one hour in length (with the exception of the Thursday Power Hour which is 55 minutes) and will be taught in a warmer room.

Meditation is held on Saturday mornings from 9:45AM to 10:45AM.

NOTE: Our Friday 7:15PM Yin class follows a Bikram class so the room will be slightly warmer than the rest of the week’s Yin classes. We do our best to cool it off and heat is not running during class but you may notice the room might be a bit warmer.