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Hello yogis – we are excited to announce that our studio is evolving.  You have seen the change over the last 3 and a half years – we started with only Bikram classes.  We listened to our students, our team and ourselves and added Yin yoga, Flow yoga and meditation.  We’ve grown beyond a single practice and feel that we needed our name to reflect this change.

What we have at the core of the space is the foundation, the two sisters.  We opened this as our dream space and we are returning to the inspiration that got us here – each other.  As a studio we feel that the true nature of who we are is family.  It’s as two sisters that we opened the space, then our parents joined our practice and we have created authentic connections with our extended family of yogis.  Embracing this sentiment we are now moving forward as Two Sisters Yoga.

Our classes will stay the same, we will continue to teach and offer the unchanged 90 minute original Bikram Hot Yoga practice by certified instructors, we will stay committed to that lineage and those roots.  And we will continue to offer the amazing Yin Yoga practice that so many of you embrace and enjoy.  Flow will continue to help us to play and have fun in the room and we can reconnect and evolve through our meditation practice.

The change of the name on the door truly reflects the nature and sentiment of this space – a place we created for a yoga family to grow.  It’s in the spirit of growth that we are calling this space what it truly is, what it always really was – the place where Two Sisters live their yoga dream.



Yogis we are excited to welcome back all our classes that were on a summer savasana!  Starting Monday September 14th we will be bringing back the following classes:

  • Monday 7:15 PM Bikram
  • Wednesday 8:15 PM Bikram
  • Thursday 7:15 PM Yin
  • Friday 11:30 AM Yin
  • Saturday 1:15 PM Bikram
  • Sunday 3:15 PM Bikram

With more options for practice we hope you are all able to build in time for yourself to join us for class.  Don’t forget about our Saturday 9:45 AM guided meditation where we do breath work, some hip opening postures and then meditate together for a short time.

See you on the mat!

August long weekend schedule - Posted on by

Yogis we are running a modified schedule this holiday long weekend, please visit our schedule page or look on the poster below for information on classes running this long weekend.


Susan Agrios Mindfulness Training May 19th @ 7PM - Posted on by

We are excited to welcome Susan Agrios and the launch of her Mindfulness training this coming Tuesday at 7PM (Yin Yoga class will be canceled).  We are the thrilled to be the host for this event and invited anyone and everyone to join us.  Call the studio to register or stop by the front desk after class!

Bikram East TIME OUT Mindfulness Introductory Class May 2015-0