Values and Mission

Values that guide our decisions; values that are important to us:

  1. Kindness and Compassion – non-judgment and understanding for both students and staff. Have open ears, an open mind and an open heart. When teaching, the room is about the students; not about you.
  2. Happiness – to be happy in what you choose to do and feel supported in exploring options if you are not happy.
  3. Respect – to value yourself and others, the studio and Bikram Yoga requirements.
  4. Integrity – be accountable for your decisions and actions.
  5. Responsibility – take ownership of your role as a Bikram Yoga instructor. It is your job to fulfill your role and requirements in your role at Two Sisters Yoga. Value open and honest feedback.
  6. Excellence – always do your best and strive to be better

Our Mission

  1. To offer teachers a place to grow, develop and inspire each other and students through the authentic Bikram Method yoga.
  2. To offer students an opportunity to discover themselves, their practice and their possibility in a safe, clean and maintained studio.
  3. To offer ourselves the platform to create a dream space that we love to work in, and to demonstrate how powerful and productive a studio can be..