Testimonials and Articles

Here’s what just some of our clients have to say about the amazing benefits of Bikram Yoga:

Since my first class of Bikram Yoga… on April 28, 2009 [I’ve] lost 7.5″ circumference off my midsection and about 35lbs. If one factors in 1 pound of muscle gain for every 3 pounds lost, then I may have lost about 40 to 45lbs of fat!  [Read his full testimonial.]

– Peter


I saw many improvements and changes in my body, my leg strength was amazing and this last summer, climbing up a mountain for 2 hours was no problem. Even my husband was impressed with my stamina, and all I do for exercise is Bikram Yoga! [Read her full testimonial.]

– Jill


I am a 60 year old guy who has been going to Bikram East Edmonton for 1 year now.  I have seen amazing results which has brought relief for my SI joint and lower back pain.  Also over the year I did not have a cold or flu.  Thank you Two Sisters Yoga!



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