Meet the Two Sisters

Welcome to our lives, our dream, our studio.

Our journey began, well, as soon as mom and dad brought Leanne home from the hospital. Raised by two of the most amazing parents in the universe, we were always involved in the same activities. From dancing to riding horses, we did it together. After surviving our teenage years, we grew up a little, got ourselves an education and—as sisters often do—became best friends.

While living apart, we each discovered yoga and explored it on our own, always finding our way back to the Bikram room. In 2007 Shauna completed her teacher training, and it wasn’t long before Leanne completed hers in 2009. After a long, arduous journey, we finally landed on the right spot at the right time—and we went after it. The evolution of our Bikram studio has been amazing. Each of us has taken some big risks, and we know it’s going to pay off.

We welcome everyone to our studio with open minds and open hearts. We are firm believers in this yoga, having experienced its amazing health benefits first hand. We love the mind-body connection achieved through Bikram Yoga, and we are committed to helping you achieve it too. For us, this means being compassionate teachers, providing a clean studio and ongoing development for staff, obtaining support in and out of the studio and encouraging open dialogue with our valued yoga family.

Bikram has enabled us to discover our dream and place in the community. We know it can help you to not only connect with yourself, but also discover what you’re really made of and how strong you really are. No matter what your experience level, we welcome you to our space to learn how the Two Sisters are doing it differently.

Thanks for checking out our website and learning more about how we got here. We hope to get to know you a little better, too!

See you soon,