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Happy Halloween!!!

We have an update to our schedule, effective Monday November 5th we will no longer offer the 3 PM Monday class, all other 3 PM classes will be running.  Watch for more evening classes to be added in December!

We value your feedback, please let us know how we are doing, what you think of our classes and how your experience was at Bikram Yoga East Edmonton by emailing the sisters directly at info@bikrameastedmonton.com

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Hello Yogis

Did you know that Bikram Yoga isn’t just yoga done in a hot room.  It’s a specific series done for it’s therapeutic yoga series that helps to heal the body.  Unlike other classes done in a hot room, this yoga has been studied and this particular yoga series can help to create total body health,  heal injury, prevent injury and extend the life of your ‘career’ in other sports you play.  Football players, hockey players, tennis players, wrestlers, MMA fighters, dancers, swimmers, golfers, triathletes, marathon runners, gymnasts, boxers, soccer players, and most important the weekend warrior office athlete all experience the benefit of a Bikram Yoga practice.

Come try today to see how a regular Bikram practice changes everything. Sign up for Bikram Yoga East Edmonton’s auto renew package and get unlimited yoga for only $75/month.  You won’t find a better deal, come in and ask us for details!

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There may be a chill in the air outside but the rooms here at Bikram Yoga East Edmonton are still toasty!  Warm up today with Kirsten at 9AM and Auntie Shirley at 11AM and 1PM.

Our Auto Renew package is still at the lowest price in the city, at $75.00 a month.  Come see us about details; fall is a great time to start a regular yoga practice to stay healthy, fend off illness and gain strength and flexibility!

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It is Long Weekend time again!

We have our regular hours friday, saturday and sunday.  Don’t forget the NEW 3pm class on sunday.

Monday is as follows 9am, 11am, 1pm

Come and sweat the turkey out!!!